Заявление на веб-сайте


This part is in English (my apologies!).  First of all, thank you for your interest in my music.

I understand there will be plenty of incorrect Russian on this page.  I am using Google Translate to translate my English into Russian, since I cannot speak Russian fluently (yet).  I am studying.

Why do I have a Russian website?  Ever since I visited Russia in 2006 (I lived in St. Petersburg for 1 month), I have experienced unbelievable kindness and appreciation/respect from Russians, and I have been especially fond of the country ever since.  What an amazing city St. Petersburg is.  Everyone I met was so hospitable and appreciative of the fact I was actually there.  Many asked me "why are you here?"

A lot of people I know don't really understand it.  After all, I am American, so I am "supposed" to compete with you and be skeptical of you, isn't that right?  No, I don't believe that at all.  I believe we need to be closer and work to better understand eachother.

I have a deep appreciation for Russia, and I am committed to you, to bring you my music, and to form a bond with a country and people I love.

Thank you for all the kindness.  I hope I can give you something special back in return.


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